White Skinny Girl Poops Panties

Check out this skinny white girl who loves to poop in her panties while people watch and get off on it. She’s a proper naughty toilet teaser, and a non stop shitting machine! But watch out guys, this panty pooping poison ivy also enjoys pissing on the guys who like to watch her shit herself!

There really is something erotic about a skinny white slut with a panty full of shit looking at you with those vacant eyes as she smears kaviar around her ass just for you. I love the cheap fetish outfits and cheap nasty makeup that these poopers wear for our enjoyment, and the amount of shit this skinny white slut produces is phenomenal.

Watch her panties bulge as she shits and pisses herself while wearing clamps on her nipples and pussy (if you like, optional extra, just say the word! :) I love livejasmin and the fetish performers they have on there to be honest, for a start I like the fact that there is no monthly billing and secondly the girls they have are of a fantastic quality, especially for all us fans of scat sex and girls pooping in their panties. I’ve never been a fan of big tits to be honest, I’ve always prefered the skinny white girls who love to do weird and crazy things after a few drinks. Now none of us even need to leave the house to get a quick fix of poop sex, just log on and get your self off big time! Until next time the King of poop signing off.

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